Our Members Love Be Free Co!

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“I live in an area where being dairy free isn’t easy! Finding snacks for me and my little girl is tough because there is hidden dairy in everything. I’m constantly reading labels & looking for new finds to help switch it up a little. Be Free Co has made it easier for me to navigate living dairy & gluten free. They read all the labels for you & pick the best items to put in your monthly subscription box. I love that delicious snacks that I can actually eat are delivered to my front door. I loved my box and everything in it!”

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“Me and my March Be Free Co box.💘 After a long Monday at work there is nothing better than climbing on my bed and snacking on some treats!!”

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“I absolutely loved my Be Free box! It took me no time at all to rip through all of those tasty snacks, I just couldn’t help myself! It used to be so hard to find good snacks that meet my dietary needs, but not anymore thanks to Be Free box. I especially loved the cute note about what was in the box, you could tell that there was a lot of love and care put into it!”

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“Those who know me are familiar with the food allergy struggle bus I ride. It’s been a journey that requires reading EVERY SINGLE label, being an “Ingredient Nazi”, and playing Sherlock Holmes sniffing out any possible cross contamination. It’s exhausting and annoying. I was introduced to Be Free Co by a friend and love what they have started! It’s a Diary-Free and Gluten-Free option Subscription box that is full of yummy allergy friendly snacks delivered to your door!! “